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Saturday, November 13, 2010
I'm going to make an attempt at keeping an online photo journal to share with family and friends who live too far away.  "Pics of the Month" will be a monthly documentation of things we did, places we went, and everyday home life featuring my beautiful family and friends.  Thanks for sharing this beautiful journey with us.  Even if it is only via the world wide web.  

 Kind of hard to see but he's sporting a lil' mohawk 
and of course the cutest little smile ever.  

Draven and Daddy sleeping.  We catch the z's whenever we can in this house,
whether it's laying down or sitting up.  

Quick trip to Minneapolis on Saturday, October 30th.
Charles had a free night at HGI for winning the National Employee of the Year.
Way to go, honey!  So proud of your accomplishment!

View from our room. 

Late night tour of the property.
Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Minneapolis is fabulous.

 Beautiful pool area.

Gorgeous view of downtown.
I love the lights in this photo.  

Me lookin' not so hot and the lil' peanut.
I do love this pic, though.    

The photographer, Charles

 A tender moment of Tristen admiring Draven.

Tristen and Megan hanging in the pool.

 Beautiful day downtown Minneapolis.

Hard Rock Cafe Minneapolis.  We had
a tasty lunch before heading to the 
Mall of America.  

Trick or Treating @ the Mall of America.
There were way too many people
and not enough candy. 

We now have a drum set in the studio.
Our neighbors love us.  

 I scored an iPod at work for makin' a couple of big sales.  SUH-weeeet! 

 My future Rock Star just kickin' it.

 His Daddy Rocks.

Blowin' bubbles.  

 Charles and I had our first date night in 3 months with no kids on
November 11, 2010.
Thank you to Lisa and Shanthi for babysitting!
We went to see Filter play a show at The Hub here in Fargo.
They played an awesome show and were in top form.

Our awesome friend Frank scored us all access passes.
(Thanks, Frank!)

 We hung out with the guys in the dressing room before the show 
and watched the show from just feet away.

Unfortunately, I was sick, so went home right after the show 
instead of hanging out with the guys.  

The guys played old favorites like Jurassitol, Take a Picture and 
Hey Man Nice Shot.  Charles got to catch up with Rich
 and visit with the other guys he hadn't met before
and test out how the new camera lens' worked in a concert setting.  
Not too shabby.  


  1. Rebecca said...:

    Great photos, Christine! You have a beautiful family. Your trip looked awesome, too! Thanks for sharing. I love the new look of your blog, too!!! :)

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