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Sunday, July 31, 2011
Holy moly!  It's been a good minute since I've posted anything.  After all the places I post this stuff, I begin to wonder the point of a blog, too.  Post here, post there, upload, description, blah, blah, blah.  I'm thankful for copy and past, that's for sure.

Since everyone whose anyone and is in the business of sharing their work is doing a blog, I figure I better get with the program.  I've been doing a lot of this over at my family website on Shutterfly, which can be found here, but it gets lost in the shuffle amongst all the great photos of my family and videos I'm posting, plus, it's not as easily accessed as a blog, so here I am again.  Now I'm scrambling to comment here, there, on this site and that site.  How do YOU all keep up?  I'd like to know.

Anyways, almost 6 months ago, I joined the most amazing kit club called Scraps of Darkness.  Melinda puts together the most amazing kits, that aren't so frilly and foo fooey as some other kit clubs are.  The kits are versatile and jam packed of fabulous product.  I'm totally in love!  Not only do the kits rock, but the challenges that are hosted over there are amazing.  Each challenge I participate in inspires me to bring my creativity up a notch.  It's also been serving as great therapy.  Specifically, the "Skeletons in the Closet" challenge that Lisa hosts.  It's always some crazy challenge, that makes me want to dig deep and really reveal my skeletons.  Some of my most heartfelt work has come from those challenges.  This particular layout was done for the Stalker Challenge that Renea hosts over at Scraps of Darkness.  I know it's nothing too crazy, but that was one of the points.  It needed to be clean and simple, so I kept it just that.  I really enjoy doing a clean and simple layout once in awhile anyways.

30 Seconds to Mars is currently one of my favorite bands, so I knew I wanted to a do a layout featuring them.  One of the challenge criteria was to use something you had never used before on a layout.  I used the plastic netting.  It came around a bottle of wine, and I saved it for this exact purpose.  Another criteria was that the photo had to inspire the item you had never used before.  The pattern of the wallpaper reminded me of the netting-so it worked out perfectly.  The last item I needed was a hand made embellishment, which are my hand cut stars.  Nothing too crazy.  It goes with the clean and simple requirement though, so I'm fine with that.  I printed the band's logo out from a photo file I found on the internet on some red paper, and then, viola!

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